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We use awesome technologies
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What We Do


We have experts available for consulting on various kinds of projects of different sizes. Either Web, Mobile and general web services and APIs.

Web App

MdDesktopMacWeb App

We've been building websites for almost 10 years, and we we've done so with a plethora of technoloqies, from legacy to shiny new ones. We can design, build and ship web platforms tailored to your needs.

MdPhoneAndroidMobile App

Building highly interactive mobile apps is one of our key strenghs. We use awesome technlogies such as React Native and Ionic to ship great products faster on both Android and iOS.

Mobile App
Web Hosting

MdStorageWeb Hosting

Publishing your digital product to the public is mandory for people to use it. We can help host your websites, web apps and/or services. Ranging from using CDNs to caching, performance is at the heart of what we do.

MdDomainDomain Name

Registering a domain name is the first step to your startup. Keep it short, sweet and marketable. We know the best places to buy and manage yours.

Domain Name


Having a presence online is mandatory in this day and age, especially if you are in the Media or thinking of entering that medium. Building a great audience online is possible with your own radio or TV. We can help.

MdWebWP Theme

With almost 10 years of experience working at all level with WordPress, We can be trusted to design, build and ship great websites based on that platform. We can also work with existing themes to create your website or app quicly.

WP Theme
Marketing | SEO

MdDashboardMarketing | SEO

Having your product online is great, really great. Now you want users. We can help leverage SEO tools and Social Media to bring that traffic that you deserve on your platform. We can help.

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